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Amliv Sotomayor

La Lamia

Lamia snake woman holding skeleton baby


An illustration weaving child loss and personal experience.

Lamia is a female or a hermaphroditic demon found in Greek mythology who devoured children and seduced men. She appears in literature as early as the 6th century BCE and is said to be fearsome to look upon with an ugly face, the upper body of a woman, and the lower body of a serpent.

In most sources, Lamia was the beautiful daughter of King Belus of Libya. However, the Greek lyric poet, Stesichorus (c. 630 to c. 555 BCE), mentions that she is the daughter of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and the mother of the sea monster, Scylla. Lamia’s beauty unsurprisingly caught the attention of Zeus, who seduced her, and they had several children together. However, Hera was angered by her husband’s infidelity and killed all of their children, except for one – Scylla. In other sources, Hera cruelly made Lamia kill her own children. Driven mad by her grief, Lamia set out to kill other children in a twisted form of revenge.

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