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Illustration & Fine Art


Amliv Sotomayor sitting among bushes in a colorful blue, orange, and white patterned dress.

Hi, I’m Amliv!

I was born in Cuba with a passion for drawing and visual arts. I am an Illustrator and Enamel Pin Designer best known for my distinguished style that blends themes of the feminine and the macabre through intricate details and magical symbolism.

I believe art should be collected not just through traditional analog art. I produce high quality enamel pins and other collectibles based on my illustrations. This allows collectors and art enthusiasts other avenues to enjoy my work.

I put little pieces of me in each one of my works. My individual experiences as a woman, mother, and human being are neither isolated nor exclusive to me. I experience the most joy when I see people connecting with my work while at the same time connecting with themselves.

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  • La Huesera

    I’m so grateful to start sharing my artwork with you guys again. Here is “La Huesera” or “The Bone Woman” illustration drawn, painted and glazed by me. La Huesera is a Mexican story about a woman who gathers bones in the desert. The woman collects all sorts of bones but most importantly, she collects wolf…