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Amliv Sotomayor


Amliv Sotomayor was born in the town of Regla, Cuba. She moved to South Florida with her family at a young age and pursued her dream of becoming an artist from the confines of her bedroom until she attended Miami International University of Art & Design, where she received a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts.

Her artwork focuses on the feminine as a bridge between the mundane and the erotic, portraying moments of vulnerability, strength, and power through highly detailed symbolism captured in graphite and watercolor pieces. Her work sits at the intersect of the Dark Romantic, Magical Realism, and Divine Feminine, featuring depictions of women’s full essence.

She is also an enamel pin producer, transforming her visual artwork into high fidelity wearable pieces. Her dedication to original art that is both remarkable and accessible has led her work to be collected internationally.

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